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Cruzaa Solarbeam Yellow Electric E-Bike with Built-in Speakers & Bluetooth

Cruzaa Solarbeam Yellow Electric E-Bike with Built-in Speakers & Bluetooth

Embrace the freedom to travel at your preferred pace while the Cruzaa Electric Bike handles the heavy lifting. This fully electric bike showcases a distinctive lightweight aluminum frame design that effortlessly transforms your everyday transportation into a pleasurable experience.

With its integrated 4-stage 240W electric motor, the Cruzaa delivers a smooth ride, effortlessly conquering hills and long journeys. The durable lithium-ion battery pack offers an impressive range of up to 60km, and recharging the bike to full capacity takes just 3-4 hours.

Not only does the exclusive E-Bike excel in performance, but it also features integrated speakers and the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, enabling you to directly stream music to your bike.

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Technical Information

Size of Byke: 1590 x 1015 x 595mm

Top Speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph)

Total Distance/Max Range: 50 – 60 km (Up to 37 miles)

Blutooth with Speakers: Yes

Wheel Size: 20″

Charge Time: 3 – 4 hours

Electric Power Asssist: Yes

Rated Power: 240 w / 36 v

Water Resistant: Yes – IPX4

Digital LCD Display: Yes

Detachable Battery: Yes

Gears: 3 Speed Gears

Disk Brake System: Yes

Total Weight: 16.5 kg

Holds A Max Weight Of: 150 kg

Warranty Information

12 months warranty

This warranty does not apply in any case to damage or defects derived from negligent use of the bicycle, the mounting of other non-original accessories not supplied or mounted by the factory, or any inappropriate manipulation or maintenance operations by the user or by any third party on their behalf.

Damage from causes other than defects in material. For instance, if damage is caused by crashing your bike, it won’t be covered under warranty.

Normal wear and tear. Components may show signs of wear and tear in less than two years depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions. Some components can be expected to reach the end of their normal lifespan within this time.
This warranty does not apply in any case to damage to products improperly installed or repaired.

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Yellow E-Bike with Built-in Speakers & Bluetooth

The exclusive E-Bike also comes with integrated speakers and the latest 5.0 Bluetooth, enabling music to be streamed to the E-Bike.

  • Smart digital LCD display

    Display shows mileage, throttle mode, speed and battery life.

  • Water Resistant

    IP54 Rated, tackles water in wet conditions

  • Throttle modes

    Control your top speed by choosing from multiple speed modes.

  • Powerful battery

    Lithium battery that allows scoota to reach speeds of up to 15 mph.

  • Environmentally friendly

    100% electric with easy home friendly charging capability.

  • Road tyres

    High grade anti-friction road tyres with monster wheels, to handle 15 degrees angles, bumpy and rocky surfaces.

  • 100% Electric

    100% electric scooter reaching speeds up to 14.9 mph.

  • Lightweight and portable

    Foldable and lightweight frame allowing easy transport.

  • Smart disk brakes

    Front and back brakes for smarter control.