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Avaris 3.6 Electric Assist Hybrid Road eBike

Avaris 3.6 Electric Assist Hybrid Road eBike

The all-new Avaris 3.6 Road eBike is the latest iteration of the Avaris sleek and lightweight electric bike designed for eco-friendly commutes, leisurely rides, thrilling adventures, or enhancing your fitness levels at your own pace. With an impressive potential range of 60-80KM and a removable battery that can be recharged on-the-go, Avaris have improved numerous features on the eBike based on feedback from our customers. The upgraded display interface is now more user-friendly and visible, with an improved tracking system for monitoring your journeys and progress. Riders can use the 'Key Disp' App for this purpose, thanks to the eBike's Bluetooth capabilities.
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Warranty & Guarantee Info


This warranty does not apply in any case to damage or defects derived from negligent use of the bicycle, the mounting of other non-original accessories not supplied or mounted by the factory, or any inappropriate manipulation or maintenance operations by the user or by any third party on their behalf.

Damage from causes other than defects in material. For instance, if damage is caused by crashing your bike, it won’t be covered under warranty.

Normal wear and tear. Components may show signs of wear and tear in less than two years depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions. Some components can be expected to reach the end of their normal lifespan within this time.
This warranty does not apply in any case to Damage to products improperly installed or repaired.

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Observe the Avaris 3.6 in motion.

Whether you seek an electric bike to enhance your fitness, embark on long adventures, or commute efficiently and sustainably, Avaris' advanced eBike is the versatile solution you're looking for. This high-tech electric bike provides 5 distinct assist modes, allowing you to customize the level of comfort during your ride.

eBike Battery

Undoubtedly, the Samsung battery serves as the key component of this magnificent machine, delivering exceptional performance and enabling riders to conquer even the most challenging landscapes with ease. With 9 different assist modes available, ranging from slightly enhancing your ride in mode 1 to providing a seamless and effortless journey in mode 9, your riding experience will be transformed to an unparalleled level.

Thanks to its superior battery life, you can travel up to 60-80 kilometers per charge and revel in long, uninterrupted rides on your electric bicycle. Additionally, with a quick charging time of just 3-5 hours, you can effortlessly recharge your eBike and be back on the road in no time.

eBike Full Display

The display on your eBike serves as a valuable tool to keep you motivated and on track during every ride. Acting as a high-end cycling computer, it is attached to the handlebar for easy visibility and can monitor your current speed, max speed, average speed, single trip distance, overall distance covered, and battery life remaining. With its built-in personal trainer feature, you can push yourself to new limits and achieve your fitness goals. 

The 3.5" screen is comfortable to read and can be installed in two different directions, allowing for two different viewing angles. Additionally, the display lights up in the dark for increased visibility and safety.

eBike High Spec Components

The Avaris Road eBike features top-of-the-line Shimano components and a wide range of gears for effortless shifting and high-performance. Whether you're looking for a leisurely commute or a challenging ride, this eBike has you covered. 

The deep rimmed, aerodynamic Kenda tyres can handle even the roughest road surfaces, making this bike perfect for any terrain.

eBike Sync with the Vinka App

The Avaris eBike connects to the Vinka app via Bluetooth, allowing you to keep track of your rides and monitor your performance. The app offers a range of features such as a speed and distance meter, bike health and status, elevation and altitude recorder, and cadence tracker. You can also plan routes and use GPS tracking to ensure you never get lost. 

With the ability to record and view all previous rides, you can track your progress and stay motivated to reach your cycling goals.

Instructions for assembling the bicycle.

This video contains a concise set of directions for assembling your bicycle. Follow these instructions to ensure a smooth and safe assembly process.


Q.Can mudguards be fitted?

A.Mudguards can be fitted to both models, however, on the 2.3 model it will require some manipulation of the mudguard support rods to get them around the brake caliper.

Q.Can you attach a drink bottle?

A.The 2.3 eBike comes with a drinks cage accessory fitted to the seat tube.

Q.Can a pannier rack be attached to the bike?

A.A pannier rack can be fitted to the 2.3 road eBike, however, P-Clips are needed to fit the pannier rack top support rods to the seat-stay. These (p-clips) would need to be purchased separately.

Q.Can I transport this bike on my roof top bike rack, given that it attaches to the downtube?

A.If it’s an adjustable strapped device that secures the bicycle to the rack, there’s no reason why not. The downtube is slightly thicker on the Avaris bicycle compared to a bike that is not electric, since this is where the battery is housed.

Q.Can you fit a different style of pedal to your bike, i.e. race clip on's?

A.Yes, as long as the diameter of the thread remains the same (9/16″). Care must be taken when installing your pedals, so that the crank arm threads do not become damaged during installation. Do not force them on the thread, make sure you find the right bite and are aligned on the thread correctly before you tighten. TAKE NOTE that the non-drive side (LH Pedal) is a reversed thread.

Q.Is it possible to fit a stand?

A.Yes it would be possible to attach a stand. You can buy ones that clamp to the chainstay from any reputable bicycle retail shop.

Q.Can you use a stem extender on the bike?

A.Technically it can be done with the right kit, the only major consideration that needs to be thought about, is the amount of spare space available on the stem of the forks…. There can’t be any spare space when the kit is applied, use spacers to fill if necessary. The stem cap and bolt must have a 2-3 mm of a gap left at the top, so that it has room to be able to clamp the whole headset together correctly.


Q.How do I power up the eBike?

A.Hold down the ‘i’ button located on the remote control, which is situated on the handlebar.

Q.I can't remove the battery?

A.On the 2.3 model, your key needs to be turned to the right (imagine a clock face, turn the key from 12:00 to 03:00), whilst at the same time pulling the battery out of the housing. Use the designated grip lips located on the top of the battery to help. The battery can feel like its stuck in the housing, due to the snug fit needed for riding across different road types, so some effort is needed to pull it out from the housing. MOST IMPORTANT ACTION is to make sure the key is kept turned whilst trying to pull the battery out from the frame.

Q.How much are replacement batteries?

A.Spare batteries cost £530.00. PLEASE NOTE *this may be subject to change*

Q.Can we source a spare charger?

A.Yes, please contact us if required. Please note that there will be a small charge incurred, and you must also have the original proof of purchase for the Avaris eBike.

Q.The battery does not seem to be charging to its full capacity - Whilst out riding, the battery info on the display shows 5 bars, but this quickly changes during the first 1-2 miles of riding?

A.The battery bars display the amount of power left, according to the wattage/power being drawn at the exact time of the bicycle being ridden. The display is telling the rider; “if you ride at this constant speed in this assistance mode for the remainder of this journey, this is how much power you will have left in your battery”.

Q.Can the battery be charged whilst connected to the bike?

A.Yes, the battery can be charged on or off your eBike.

Q.How big is the battery charger?

A.The charger is very similar to a laptop charger.

Q.I'm pressing the battery LED button located on the battery, should the light stay on?

A.The battery life indicator should only remain on for a few seconds to give you an indication of how healthy the battery is.

Q.What do the battery LED light colors represent?

A.Blue = 80 -100% battery life remaining, Green = 10 – 80% & Red = 0 -10%. You should never try and power up the bike when the LED is showing RED, doing this will wear your battery quicker.

Q.What levels of assistance does the battery offer?

A.It offers 9 levels of assistance on the 2.3, ‘0’ being no assistance and ‘9’ providing you with the most assistance. This will transform your riding experience – particularly when riding on hilly terrain or prolonged journeys.

Q.How many miles/km can the battery do?

A.Depending on the area and terrain you’re riding, along with the correct ride management to suit, the battery should allow you to ride for up to 60-80 KM per charge, with only a charge time of 3-5 hours.


Q.Can I upgrade my brakes to a different system, i.e hydraulic brakes?

A.Yes, but consideration must be given to current drivetrain setup if looking to change. The current setup on the Avaris bike is a double chainring on the front, with 7spd on the rear for the 2.3 model.


Q.How do you download the app?

A.The ‘Vinka’ app (2.3) is located on the app store on iPhone etc. You will get the ‘Vinka’ app guide with your order despatch email, but these can also be located in the ‘product guide’ section on our website should you need them.

Q.Can you change the KM to Miles on the app?

A.You cannot change it on the app, but you can on the bike display. Instructions are in the display manual sent with the order.

Q.I am trying to change the kph to mph?

A.General Settings – To access the general settings menu, hold both the “+” button and the “-” button for 2s. KPH/MPH is represented by ‘U’. Number ‘1’ = MPH, Number ‘2’ = KPH, press the “+” button or the “-” button until the desired number is displayed. Hold down ‘i’ to set. This info is also in the display manual sent.

Q.I can't reset the trip distance covered back to zero?

A.General Settings – To access the general settings menu, hold both the “+” button and the “-” button for 2s. Trip distance clearance is represented by ‘TC’. To clear the trip distance, press the “+” button or the “-” button until the Y is displayed. Hold down ‘i’ to reset. This info is also in the display manual.


Q.Can a pump be located in the frame?

A.Yes, one could easily be strapped to the top tube.

Q.What type of Bottom Bracket is used?

A.Square Tapered Bottom Bracket 68mm x 122mm

Q.Would the seat tube be able to accommodate a thief tracker?

A.The seat tube and the seat post are hollow, so technically, depending on the size and style of tracker, yes it could.


Q.I'm a bit unsure how the gear shifters work, do you have any further information?

A.The Avaris 2.3 model has 14 gears, x2 chainrings on the front, and a x 7 speed freewheel on the rear. The right shifter has gear levels 1 to 7, and as the shifter lever is pushed inwards (right to left), this decreases the gear down from 7 (hardest) to 1 (easiest). The left shifter has 2 options and they alternate larger incremental jumps in gear change (lower (easier, slower) gears = shifter position 1, higher (harder, faster) gears = shifter in position 2). For example , if you are about to tackle a very steep hill, you would want to be in gear 1 on the left shifter and a low number on the right shifter. Whilst alternatively, if you’re on a steep decline, you’d want to be in position 2 on the left shifter and one of the higher numbers on the right shifter. Don’t forget, you have the Drive Unit power to help you along the way too, should you need it.

Q.Could the freewheel/cassette/chainring gearing be changed to suit a bespoke set up?

A.Yes it could.


Q.How do you remove the drive unit electric cable from the hub when replacing the rear tyre?

A.There is a male/female connection port located on the wire that runs along chain-stay, it just pulls apart quite easily to disconnect and connect. There are arrows on the connectors that should show correct alignment.

Q.What Bafang motor does the bike use?

A.Rear hub drive H300

Q.What is the torque of the motor?


Q.Can I modify the bike to make it faster than the 15.5mph limit?

A.No, this is considered illegal here in the UK and it would also invalidate your warranty with us.

Q.Do you plan on releasing a higher powered Drive Unit model?

A.We currently use a 250W powered drive unit, which is the maximum permitted for legal use on any eBike here in the UK.


Q.General bicycle servicing procedures?

A.In terms of general bicycle servicing… If you’re not capable of actioning correctly yourself, this can be done by any third party professional bike technician/mechanic. A customer/bicycle owner would generally source a bicycle mechanic within their area to action, and then pay them for the service. The Avaris 2.6 model uses regular bicycle components that can be sourced by any reputable bike store.

Q.What ‘at home’ service options are available to me post-purchase, i.e. do you recommend local mechanics?

A.We are currently looking to build a network of local workshops. However, all the parts of the Avaris bike are from established world renowned manufacturers, and therefore all trained bike technicians/mechanics, should be able to source and fix parts of the eBike should you encounter any after sales issues (general wear and tear for example).

Q.Can the bike be used for off road trails?

A.The Avaris 2.3 is designed for road surfaces. With correct ride management and bike set up, it could also be ridden on well developed gravel and tow paths.

Q.What happens if I scratch or chip the paint?

A.You can use a matte black touch up paint to repair any damage, they cost around £10.

Q.What is the maximum user weight for the eBike?


Q.Can the bike be ridden with the battery removed, can you buy a cover for riding if the battery is removed?

A.Yes it can be ridden without the battery, but unfortunately there isn’t a spare cover that is available. Generally across the board, it’s not efficient to ride eBikes without the battery and some drive unit assistance, due to the extra weight that all eBike brands carry.

Wheels / Tyres

Q.What's the Spoke tensions for the front and rear wheels?

A.Front wheel = 150-170. Rear wheel = 160-180.

Q.What's the Spoke material e.g. steel or aluminum?

A.Stainless steel.

Q.Can I change the tyre sizes on the bike?

A.Yes. Maximum size for the front tyre is 700 x 35C, & max size for the back tyre is 700 x 40C.

Q.Does the Avaris bike have a quick-release on the rear tyre?

A.No it doesn’t… because this is where the drive unit is situated (on the rear hub), and therefore it needs more strength around the rear axle to accommodate. Please contact us if you need any help removing the rear wheel.